AQUAhydrate was able to leverage it’s relationship with Bad Boy Entertainment to be the exclusive on-site water sponsor for a Cancer Charity fundraiser which achieved it’s goal of $50,000 with the assistance of the NY Giants and additional investment support.

The Ball Up Worldwide Tour touched down in NYC and attracted over 10,000 attendees An open call on Saturday in Manhattan attracted over 3,500 attendees including the best street ballers in New York. Our team was able to conduct select sampling efforts in-front of the main entrance outside to over 10,000 consumers in addition to having product in coolers and the hands of all players from both teams, coaches, production team, and even displayed prominently on the announcer tables. AQUAhydrate special videos were broadcasted all through-out the event on the 100ft LED backdrop behind the DJ with our logo displayed on the over-head quad-screen showcased center court.