Date: August 2009

Brand Challenge
To stand out from the rest of the crowd of sponsors at a heavily trafficked music festival while being creative enough to spark consumer’s interest in the H&M brand name and create a buzz and gain brand popularity among consumers in the age range of 16 – 30.

H&M provided an air conditioned live lounge for concert attendees to relax and rejuvenate themselves. We offered elements such as an ice cold fresh Water Bar with complimentary water bottles for thirsty consumers. Along with an Internet Station where people were able to browse the world wide web, which was utilized by registering for the H&M ‘friends and family’ program. We also offered an H&M phone charging station and photo-booth. While relaxing on the couches and seats in the lounge concerts goers were offered the benefit of not missing out on any of the concert through a live video feed displayed on an High Definition LED screen. Everyone who came into the lounge was also able to view a high grade projection loop over the water bar displaying H&M
Fashion and clothing.

Post-Event Summary

Our cold water supply was one of the most well received complimentary services of the entire festival. The location and design of the H&M dome garnered a lot of awe inspired attention, especially at night when it was light up all around the exterior! Each of the elements were constantly talked about throughout the park grounds. Between the air conditioner, ice cold water, cell phone charging stations, free internet for blogging, Facebook, and twittering, the sunscreen and lip balm everyone wanted to be a part of what we had going on!